Welcome to alpaventure®


alpaventure is back in the cycling industry. We are now able to provide “a la carte” services for individuals and corporations in road cycling & mtn biking. We welcome Pierre, a certified cycling instructor. He is a local cyclist who knows the Northern alps  more than we need. Together, we offer day trips around Chamonix and other parts of the alps or anywhere else you want.

We both like riding the Col des Montets, Martigny and back, Sallanches-Passy loop, the Balcon Nord and Sud, but there are so much more around here, accessible for day trips. We want to share our experience with you.

As a typical day trip, we would meet in Chamonix, transfer to a new spot with our van (9 passengers), spend time for mechanical checking, route advice with road book or gps track. Van support will follow with fresh drinks and snacks.

As a introduction road trip, we are offering a first test ride in the Vallée Verte. We will climb a few passes (nothing scary yet), enjoy the scenic roads above lake Geneva.

We are working on multi-days trips throughout the alps and burgundy, because the wine is good there. In september, we will offer a Tour du Mont Blanc 3 or 4 days trip.

Also, our partner in the USA has good cycling to offer in Colorado and the rockies.

Information: Contact infos(at)alpaventure.com or +33 6 03 74 36 49

ps: we dont shave legs, it is not required. We wont provide advise for it. We just enjoy cycling with people.